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Wholesale Only

All accounts must provide a city or county privilege license; as well as a state tax certificate that allows operation as a wholesaler, retailer, or manufacturer.  All product purchased must be for resale or use in manufacturing of other goods.


A&B Home accepts payment with a valid credit card (i.e. Visa, MasterCard, or American Express) at the time of order.  Customers that accumulate $2,500 in purchases may apply for Net 30 terms beginning with their next order (subject to credit approval).  A 1.5% per month late charge will be applied to accounts that maintain a balance beyond 30 days (subject to applicable state laws).  C.O.D. shipments are not accepted.


Orders may be subject to cancellation if credit status cannot be verified and/or alternate payment information can not be obtained by the requested ship date.  Customers may request an order cancellation only by contacting A&B Home'    s  customer service.        Customer service will give a cancellation authorization number.    Any cancellation should be made 7 days prior to shipment, otherwise a $50 cancellation and 15% restocking fee may apply. A 15% restocking fee will also apply for any cancelled items for any prepacked orders.

Pricing and Minimums

The minimum opening order for first time customers is $500.00.  Existing customers may place reorders with a minimum of $250.00, and a minimum of $800.00 if truck items are ordered.  Items ordered at incorrect intervals, or below the listed minimums will be increased to the next allowed multiple.  All prices and minimums are subject to change without notice.


F.O.B. is Rancho CucamongaCalifornia. Ground shipments are sent via FedEx or UPS Ground or UPS.  Larger orders (by size, weight, or oversized items) may be sent via common carrier. Orders consisting of “truck only” items (designated by ) must be delivered by common carrier.  Truck orders will be held until freight cost is less than 20% of the order total, or authorization is given by the customer.  A&B Home does this to ensure reasonable shipping rates for our customers.

Order Pickup

Customers must specify a pickup date upon notification that an order is ready.  If this is not done within 5 business days, the customer may be subject to a 15% restocking fee on the order.


Backorders are automatically generated unless otherwise requested at the time of order.  All backorders with a total cost of under $100 are subject to cancellation.  Only 1 backorder will be sent per order.

Damages / Claims

All claims (damages, shortages, etc.) must be filed within 14 days of receipt of merchandise on an official A&B Home claim form.  Returns must be approved and may be subject to a 15% restocking fee.  You may contact the Claim Department by phone at 770-614-8156, fax at 770-614-8121 or email to abhomeclaim@abhongda.net to receive an official Claim Form for your use.

A&B Home products are predominantly hand crafted and may therefore have slight variations in color, texture, or finish. Minor irregularities may occur and are not considered defects.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, you may contact Customer Service by phone at 1-888-868-1808, fax to 909-758-5377, or email to customerservice@ abhongda.net.  Office hours are Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM to 5PM PST.